If your head's not in the work,You could be out of work.

You know the important role your body plays at work, but your brain also has a lot to do with how you perform on the job. Your brain is what allows you to maintain focus, and focus is crucial for maximizing efficiency and improving the quality of your work. Remember, your brain is 85% water and needs twice as much energy as other cells in the body. Water and other fluids like Sqwincher give your brain the electrical energy for all brain functions, including thought, memory and nerve processes.

Concentration is key and the way to keep your brain focusing on the job is to stay hydrated by avoiding dehydration. Dehydration impacts your short-term memory, visuomotor functioning and psychomotor functioning. Staying hydrated with Sqwincher products will make sure your brain has the minerals and nutrients it needs to focus on the task at hand, maintain hand-eye coordination and think on your feet.


8% fluid loss can cause hallucination and disorientation


2% dehydration equates to an average of 20% loss in productivity