You think you're tired?Imagine your electrolytes.

Just like every other working machine, your body needs fuel to operate. Whether you're breaking a sweat or taking a break, there are parts of you that are always tapping into your fuel supply. Here's what we mean. When you're working away, your body burns through energy and causes you to lose the important fluids and nutrients that keep it in balance. You feel a lack of energy and might even experience dizziness. And when you're resting, your nerves are still firing and your heart is beating away, also tapping into your fuel supply and throwing your body off balance. When your body burns through this fuel, you need to fill it up again. Because water doesn't have any electrolytes in it, Sqwincher hydration solutions are the ideal solution. They'll replace the essential minerals that maximize body productivity, increase performance and keep your muscles from giving up.


Sqwincher contains 50% more potassium and 50% less sodium than other electrolyte drinks


You should consume 6-10 oz. of electrolytes for every 15-20 minutes of strenuous activity