Frequently Asked Questions

How is Sqwincher product different from other brands?

Specifically, the Sqwincher advantages are better taste, superior composition, optimal balance of electrolytes, variety of flavors and advanced dispensing options. Sqwincher contains an optimal balance of electrolytes (lower sodium, higher potassium) and carbohydrates, which consumers prefer. Along with competitive pricing, we offer more efficient packaging and dispensing programs than any of our competitors.

How is the Sqwincher company different from other brands?

Sqwincher gives customers more than just great product alone. Sqwincher invests in our customers by providing tools to keep them safe and informed about risks, dangers and health within their environment. Sqwincher provides training, assessments, Heat/Cold Stress awareness and kits, Hydration Central training, a video library and more.

Should Sqwincher be used throughout the year or only in heat-intensive environments?

Sqwincher is composed of naturally occurring elements in the body. It scientifically restores and sustains electrolyte balance through fluids which contribute to internal body performance. Wellness enhances physical performance and deters mental apathy. Drinking Sqwincher is a preventive measure against the ill and costly effects of dehydration which occur from heat stress, cold stress, fatigue, illness, caffeine consumption and poor dietary intake, as well as a variety of other physical or work-related conditions.

How much Sqwincher should I drink?

All persons are different in regard to physical condition, age, gender, medical preconditions, etc. Be cognizant of your condition and remember, thirst is not always a reliable indicator of dehydration. Industry studies indicate that a person should consume 6-10 oz. of Sqwincher every 15-20 minutes in very hot, fatiguing situations, extreme cold or strenuous work tasks.

Can you drink too much Sqwincher?

Too much of anything is never good. One's body will only absorb so much and how much depends on numerous factors: one's physical condition, depleted state of the individual and/or the environment. In normal situations, if it is hot and one is sweating profusely or one is experiencing electrolyte imbalance due to illness, body stress, etc., then Sqwincher performs at optimal levels as it is readily absorbed by the body and restores electrolyte balance.

Is Sqwincher FDA approved?

Sqwincher only uses Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) ingredients according to the FDA standards, and therefore complies with all regulations for food consumption and production.

Is Sqwincher Gluten free?

Yes. Gluten is a protein complex found in wheat, and there is no Gluten/wheat or traces thereof in Sqwincher products or processes.

Is Sqwincher Kosher?

No, Sqwincher products are not Kosher.

Can you drink Sqwincher if you are a diabetic?

Every diabetic's condition varies. Therefore, a diabetic must consult his/her physician for guidelines on the amount of sugar and carbohydrates he/she can safely consume each day, and whether Sqwincher will fall into his/her dietary guidelines. Sqwincher ZERO was specifically developed to address the dietary needs of diabetics and/or consumers watching their overall carb intake. Sqwincher ZERO products are ZERO sugar, ZERO calories, using Sucralose as a sweetener base. Nutritional content information is provided on all Sqwincher packages.

As indicated with regular Sqwincher, we encourage anyone with health concerns, diabetic or otherwise, to provide our ingredient statement to a qualified physician and seek their counsel as to whether or not the product would be recommended for the individual to consume.

Can you drink Sqwincher when you are pregnant or nursing?

We advise mothers to seek the advice and recommendations of their OB/GYN or attending physician.

Can children drink Sqwincher?

We advise consumers to seek advice and recommendations from their pediatrician or attending physician.  

Can pets drink Sqwincher?

We advise owners to seek advice or recommendations from their veterinarian.

What does Sqwincher’s “Best Used By” description and “Product Date” mean?

"Best Used By" means that the product is best when used within the time frame specified. When the time frame expires, the product will not spoil the next day, but at that point the product may have lost flavor and color. Sqwincher’s citrus flavors (Orange, Lemonade, Lemon-Lime, Cool Citrus) will break down faster than the fruitier flavors (Fruit Punch, Grape, Cherry, Mixed Berry). The most important factor affecting shelf life is the environment in which the product is kept. To maintain quality satisfaction, store Sqwincher in cool areas with low light.

What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are essential minerals your body uses for basic cell functions and sustained life.

  • Consist of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium
  • Are positive and negative charged ions
  • Maintain connection or electrical current between cell membranes
  • Help regulate body fluids and maintain a healthy pH balance
  • Sodium and potassium are key to fluid balance
  • Calcium and magnesium are key to muscle function (contraction and relaxation)

Why is taste important?

Many people believe that when it comes to drinks that support a high level of activity, taste is a secondary issue. At Sqwincher, we believe that our drinks should taste great because great taste is part of what keeps you healthy.

Studies conducted in factory settings have shown that workers are more likely to stay hydrated if they like the taste of the drink they are offered. Better hydration leads to higher productivity, better focus and a safer work environment.

This principle can be applied to many different activities, from Little League baseball to long distance running.

For instance, if you're a runner, you're supposed to drink a certain amount of liquid every 20 minutes when you're in weather above 80 degrees. It's easy to forget about this part of your routine while you're out pounding the pavement, but if you like the taste of your drink you'll think about it more. That means you're more likely to stay hydrated.

Now, take the example of the Little League team. Kids don't care about hydration; all they want to do is to play a game. Products like our Sqwincher Sqweeze pops give kids a tasty way to stay hydrated, and the popsicle form will keep them begging for more. If you forget, they'll probably remind you.

Sqwincher offers lots of great flavors so you'll never get bored with your drink. Just don't ask us to pick a favorite!

What happens when I sweat?

It's an unavoidable fact that when people spend time in high heat environments, they sweat. Most people believe that when we sweat we just lose water. Humans can easily sweat out several pounds of water in a day when put in the right circumstances. Unfortunately, drinking lots of water isn’t the ideal solution to staying hydrated.

When a person sweats, they lose all sorts of essential vitamins and minerals. These vital combinations of minerals are usually referred to as "electrolytes" and comprise a group of substances that keep your body healthy. A low electrolyte balance means that you will feel a distinct lack of energy, lose focus on the task at hand and sometimes even experience dizziness.

Calcium is a key player in the electrolyte group. Lack of calcium can weaken your bones over time, especially in women. Sqwincher products help replace the calcium in your body to protect you while you work hard.

Lack of electrolytes can weaken your muscle tissue and your bones.

Will Sqwincher help me build muscle mass?

We can't turn you into Popeye, but we will help you maintain your muscles and bones rather than letting them deteriorate. This is especially great news if you are planning to use Sqwincher while you work out. Drinking Sqwincher when you run, play tennis or hit the gym means that you'll keep those hard-earned gains rather than letting them slip away due to lack of proper hydration. Don't let all that hard-earned muscle mass slip away. With Sqwincher products, you'll maintain and build on your bones and muscles, so you can have a strong and happy life.

What is isotonic?

Lots of companies talk about isotonic activity drinks, but what does it actually mean?

The technical definition of isotonic substances would talk about osmole concentrations and solute concentrations and their different qualities, but that still doesn't make it easy to understand.

Put simply, the fluid in your body has a specific gravity (or weight) to it. Your cells absorb liquid better if it matches that same gravity. For instance, water has a different gravity than the liquid in your bloodstream.

All regular Sqwincher products are isotonic, including Sqwincher Sqweeze pops.

Should I drink water when I work out?

Water has fantastic health benefits, but isn't the best choice when you're working out. When you need your body to get hydrated quickly in extreme temperatures, an isotonic drink is best. Water replenishes your liquid level, but doesn't help you put lots of valuable substances that you need back into your body, like magnesium and potassium. When you're working hard (or even just out in the heat) for long periods of time, you need something stronger than water.

Are isotonic drinks full of salt?

There are lots of different formulas for isotonic drinks. Some high performance sports drinks achieve this by adding a lot of sodium. While this can be good in the short-term, if you're a professional football player it isn't good to put a ton of salt into your body on a daily basis. We've modified our drinks to have less sodium, so you can drink them as much as you want without worrying about your long-term health.

Are all of your products isotonic?

Every regular Sqwincher product is isotonic, even our Sqwincher Sqweeze pops. You can feel confident that when you're consuming a Sqwincher product you're supporting your body as well as enjoying the great taste. Sqwincher ZERO products are electrolyte replacement products only and are not isotonically formulated.

At Sqwincher, we design all of our products to work for you fast. That means that all of our drinks help you hydrate quickly, no matter what circumstances you're working in.

Is it ok to mix Sqwincher stronger or weaker than the recommended amount?

If you mix any sports drink too strong, it can slow down the rate that your stomach empties into your intestine; this can cause pain and result in your body not receiving the water, carbohydrates and electrolytes that you need, when you need them.

If you dilute Sqwincher from the recommended mixing instructions, you will get fewer carbohydrates per hour of work or exercise.

What is the recommended storage period for the mixed product made from liquid or powder concentrate?

We suggest that users consume all product by the end of the day to preserve container sanitation and the quality of the water.

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