Cody and Kelsy Robbins

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Cody Robbins started his outdoor career as Jim Shockey's original cameraman/editor in 2001. He worked alongside Shockey for seven years before branching out on his own. In 2008, Cody fulfilled a lifelong dream by starting his own show called Live2Hunt. While filming his first season, he fell in love with one of his hunting partners, Kelsy Claypool. Sharing the same passion in life, they have found a way to make hunting their full-time job, bringing footage of WORLD CLASS big game to television screens across the nation. Cody and Kelsy have won numerous awards, but their greatest accomplishment so far was when Cody shot the new potential world record archery Mule Deer in 2011. Cody and Kelsy live in central Saskatchewan, Canada where they ranch cattle and create hunting stories while raising a beautiful family.

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