Jim and Eva Shockey

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Jim Shockey describes himself as an "inveterate peregrinator" who has traveled for 30 years in more than 45 countries by dogsled, boat, horse, mule, donkey, plane, ATV, ARGO and by foot. He owns several exclusive outfitting territories in the wild lands of Canada, including the renowned Pacific Rim Guide Territory on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and the famed 12,000-square-mile Rogue River Outfitting in the Yukon Territory. His television productions have won 15 Golden Moose Awards from 2009-2015. Eva Shockey was born with a love for hunting and the outdoors in her blood. Growing up with Jim Shockey as her father brought Eva into the outdoors and in front of the camera at an early age. With a combined passion for conservation and adventure, Eva is now a full-fledged Outdoor Channel personality and has made a name for herself within the industry as a proud, female outdoors-woman. In 2014, Eva was the second woman to appear alone on the cover of Field & Stream; the first was Queen Elizabeth back in 1976. Spending most of the year traveling the world to hunt and co-host "Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures" as well as represent the Outdoor Channel at various television appearances, red carpet events and attend trade-shows across Canada and the USA, Eva has found a way to balance hunting, travel and family into what she calls the "best lifestyle in the world."

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