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"This ain't Hollywood, this is the TRUTH!" That's been the proud claim of Will Primos about his TV show, "Primos Truth About Hunting," since it premiered in the late 1990s. And hunters and fans have come to expect just that – the Truth – from Will and the team, seasoned hunters who show you their hunts as they really happened, the successful hunts and great trophies as well as those that didn't turn out as planned. "We don't doctor our show up with fancy edits and phony stories," Will explains. "I think that's why our viewers identify with us so well. We're still hunters just like the folks that watch our show. We learn something from every hunt, and we're always learning from each other." Along with his cousin Jimmy Primos and longtime hunting buddy Brad Farris, Will takes his team from the mountains of Montana to the south Texas hill country to the swamps of Florida, pursuing elk, turkey, waterfowl, predators, and, of course, those elusive whitetails. In this season's whitetail shows, Team Primos return to their roots, hunting the the diverse terrain of their home state, Mississippi, as well as the rich Mississippi River bottomlands of Louisiana and Arkansas. If you're ready for the TRUTH, you're ready for Primos Truth About Hunting!"

Why Sqwincher?

"Sqwincher keeps the PRIMOS team alert and hydrated for the long hours we spend in the outdoors."

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